Our Community

The DIEM Project is a community initiative for everyone with an interest in the Discovery Islands. Volunteers with expertise in project management, biology, terrain and soils, forestry, and technical mapping helped produce the ecosystem base maps. The project team has been advised and supported by BC Ministry of Environment ecologists at BC’s Conservation Data Centre (CDC).

Local Team

Residents and visitors are contributing to this community endeavour. Some people who have especially helped the DIEM Project include: Eve Flager, technical advisor & SEI mapping. Lannie Keller, coordinator. Sabina Leader-Mense, science advisor. Judith Wright, Ginny Vassal, community liaison. Cam Ericksson local ecologist, David Shipway, Rob Wood, mapping. Emily Keller, communications. Special thanks to contributing photographers:  Cam Ericksson, Ryan Durrand, Jenny Balke, Emily Keller, Ralph Keller, David Broadland, Robyn Budd, Tavish Campbell.

Technical Support

Gregory Kehm, MLArch, Gregory Kehm Associates. Terry Lewis, PhD.  Bob Green: MSc, RPF, RPBio, B.A. Blackwell & Associates. Ryan DurrandRPBio, environmental consulting, Taara Environmental. Torey Stevens, PhD, Protected Areas Ecologist, BC Parks. Carmen Cadrin, JoAnne Stacey, Corey Erwin: terrestrial ecology specialists, BC Conservation Data Centre. Tim Stokes: PhD, PGeo. Earth Sciences, VIU.

Local Government

Surge Narrows Community Association (SNCA) is recognized for projects that benefit the community at large. SNCA continues to provide DIEM Project with financial oversight and logistical support.  DIEM also appreciates helpful support from regional government staff and elected representatives, including Jim Abram, Regional Director; Beth Rees, SRD; Russ Hotsenpiller, SRD; Claire Trevena, MLA, North Island. 

Community support is always welcome.  Find out how you can help!

DIEM is grateful for funding from generous individuals and from these organizations: