MAP 1 Species and Stand Age

This map shows the dominant tree species, average age, and “Site Index” of identified polygons.

OLD FORESTS are anchors for design of a protected landscape network.
In this PLN, “Old” includes forests 81-140 years old and forests > 140 years.
Older forests are of particular importance.
At about 80-years-old, mature forests begin to develop high levels of biodiversity and other old forest characteristics.

SITE INDEX is a measure of the land’s productive potential.
High site index identifies rich growing sites.
Mature forests growing on rich sites are Read Island’s future old forests.
Other forest areas with rich site index may be priorities for ecological restoration.

Data Used to Make this Map:
Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI), 2019
*Decoding Forest Polygon Descriptions
*Moist Forest Soils