MAP 5  Past & Planned Logging with Zones of Influence 

There has been Settler logging on Read Island for about 140 years. This map shows some (but not all) of the logging that has occurred on Read Island from 1960 to present. Some areas of private land logging are not recorded or mapped. The PLN maps “Zones of Influence” to portray a more realistic picture of the actual ecosystem impacts, compared to just the area occupied by cutblocks, logging, and roads. 

• Zones of Influence are established average distances that take into account physical fragmentation of habitats, and other effects such as change in level of light, exposure to wind, disrupted of water flows that cause drought or flooding; temperature fluctuation and extremes, change in air circulation, humidity, soil moisture; change or elimination of local microclimates, and so on.

• While Zones of Influence show a more realistic footprint of forestry development activities, the map doesn’t portray the additional impact of increased ease of access provided by roads, and/or the resulting human intrusion in formerly unroaded wilderness areas.

• The Zones of Influence shown on this map are conservative and underestimate negative impacts to many species and ecosystem processes.

Data Sets Used to Make this Map:
RESULTS – Openings
Google Earth
WL0046 Woodlot Plan
Forest Service Roads
Digital Road Atlas (DRA)
Forest Tenure Managed Licenses
*Forest Management, Productivity, Harvest (definitions)
*Climate Change and Proforestation